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  • How should I dress?
    We don't have a dress code 👗 You can come in jeans, pants, dress, t-shirt, shirt... classy or casual, the most important thing is that you feel good... in your sneakers or your heels 😊
  • I have children, can they come?
    Yes of course ! We are a family Church, we welcome everyone regardless of age 👨👩👧👦 Activities are planned for children on Sunday morning: they are open to children, from kindergarten to CM2 📖
  • What is a cult?
    For us, a service is a celebration during which we want to honor God to show him our gratitude. It can take several forms but most often there is a moment of songs of praise and a moment of biblical sharing to teach, encourage, edify… 🙏
  • Quand sont nos activités ?
    Une semaine type à EASE se compose comme suit : la réunion de prière le Mardi soir, le Groupe de Jeunes le Samedi soir et le Culte le Dimanche matin. Il peut tout de même y avoir d'autres événements organisés de manière occasionnelle. Pour ne rien manquer. rendez-vous sur la page "Nos ressources > Agenda" 📆
  • Why the Bible?
    We believe that the Bible is not just an old book written ages ago, but that it is the Word of God and is still relevant today. It is the reference and the only source of authority in matters of faith! Full of stories from everyday life, of men and women, it provides striking examples to follow or not to follow. It can be read and reread because it remains current and its message extends to all aspects of life. The Bible, the only book where God reveals himself, allows us to get to know Jesus Christ, teaches us to approach him and have a relationship with him 📖🙏
  • What is salvation?
    Salvation is the assurance of being with God for eternal life after the death of our physical body. It refers to eternal spiritual deliverance from the eternal punishment caused by sin. Salvation is obtained by the Grace of God, granted to all those who accept by faith the divine conditions of repentance and who recognize Jesus as their Savior and Lord (John 14.6; Acts 4.12) ✝️
  • Apostolic? Kesako?
    Our Church is Apostolic: it comes from the “Wales Awakening” of 1904-1905 🔥 It is a Church which seeks to rediscover the spiritual richness presented in the Second Testament and to live in the manner of the Apostles, as sent by Christ, in our immediate surroundings and across the entire Earth 🌍
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